Clean, responsive, modern web design.
Sporting a whopping 98% browser coverage.

At Core Digital we adopt a "user first" principle. It makes sense to step in to your user's shoes and look at the world through their eyes.

Experience dictates that one of the most important factors in repeat visits to a website is something called User Experience (or UX for short).

Long gone are the days where a great website design will suffice.

Having a website with a great web design that is responsive, fast, and easy to use is one of the best things you can do for repeat visitors.

Did you know that mobile devices (phones & tablets) occupy roughly 18% of the browser market share? In plain English, that is almost 1/5th of users are browsing from a phone or tablet.

This is exactly why at Core Digital we have adopted the following:

  • Mobile-first development - we design for mobile devices first, then desktops second. Can you afford to miss out on that valuable 18% market share?
  • Proven design principles - clean, fluid layouts are expected - if your visitor arrives at your website and your navigation is not blatantly obvious don't expect to see them again.
  • Rock-solid hardware - we have our own dedicated servers based in Australia. Performance is paramount in all aspects of our business. Say good-bye to slow page load speeds.
  • Ethical hardware - our servers are located in a carbon-neutral datacentre in Sydney. As computing power and demand increases, so do the power requirements. It's good to know the servers your websites are hosted on are offsetting their carbon footprints.
  • Disaster recovery - daily backups are made with a retention policy of seven days. Thankfully, we have never had to use this feature yet.

Template websites

On a budget? Need a website up fast?
Templates aren't all that bad.

Sometimes your budget is put to better use elsewhere. This doesn't mean you can't have a high quality website though.

Firstly, let's clear some things up about templates - they are not as bad as everyone thinks. Sure - they will never beat a custom written website that has been meticulously tailored to your requirements, but they will suffice for a smaller budget or someone in need of rapid deployment.

Secondly - a template is merely a design - a collection of files that you "simply" upload to a server. "Is that all I have to do?" I hear you ask. The short answer; no. There are roughly ten more steps once you have acquired your template design. This is where Core Digital come into the picture.

We will help you:

  • Choose a template - there are a lot of gimmicky templates that don't render so well on all browsers (your visitors might think your website is broken and go elsewhere!). Plus, we know the best & most reliable template vendors too.
  • Determine a content platform - not all templates are the same on the back-end. Some require different programming languages to interface with. Different content platforms will have different requirements for files.

Once we have those choices figured out, we take the reigns and perform the following:

  • Deploy your web space - on one of our lightning-fast carbon neutral dedicated servers.
  • Configure your domain DNS - this basically tells the internet to link your web space on our server to your domain name.
  • Configure email MX records - we ensure that your emails are routed correctly with minimal loss of service.
  • Set up your database - this may sound like something you don't need, but the content platform will require it. Without it your website will be an empty shell.
  • Install your content platform - this is the software where you log in and manage your content. The data is stored in the database we just set up.
  • Update your content platform & keep it updated - this is so naughty folk on the internet don't take control of your website and send out spam from your email addresses or install virus/adware/malware on people's computers.
  • Set up visitor reporting - this allows you to view a wealth of information about the visitors of your site.
  • If needed, tweak the design - this is purely optional and provided as a courtesy and is largely project dependent - but if there is something you want changed on the layout the chances are it should be quite easily tweaked.

There are over 10 years of experience and knowledge that goes into the deployment of each and every website. You can rest assured that with Core Digital your website is safe and reliable.

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