Online marketing

Targeted, relevant, interested visitors.
Sustained high CTRs mean your website is what the user is searching for.

Our method of running an online campaign has resulted in several successful campaigns with a sustained high CTR.

Whatever your goal, Core Digital can help your online campaign. Our methods are 100% ethical - we don't spam emails, leave nonsense comments on blogs or do anything underhanded like that. Simply online marketing directed at your industry.

We will sit down with you and determine your goals and find out a bit more about your industry and what you do. We'll also research your industry from your audience's perspective.

Once we have determined our strategy we will deploy the campaign and continue to monitor and tweak it. We can also provide tips on engaging visitors when they visit your website too.

We operate a 100% transparent campaign - we don't hide or inflate results. We'll send you weekly reports with detailed information on your campaign's performance.

This is exactly why at Core Digital we have adopted the following:

  • 100% ethical - No underhanded tactics like email spam, comment spam, fake reviews etc. Search engines can punish you for these strategies.
  • Defined goals - We will sit down and map out your goals and targets with you.
  • Industry research - We'll research your businesses' industry so we understand your business better.
  • Visitor research - We'll see what your visitors are searching for.
  • Continuous monitoring & refinement - We want to ensure that your campaign is performing as well as it can be.

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