Web design & development

Clean, modern & performance driven websites. Let us create your website and ensure you stand out from the crowd.

With over 10 years of professional website design & development experience, you can guarantee that your website will look and function amazing when we build it.

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Online marketing

Running an online marketing campaign can be a very tedious and time consuming job.

It takes a lot of time to learn how to effectively manage an online campaign. Let Core Digital handle your online marketing campaigns. Why don't you take a look at how our online marketing process works?

Helping us understand your campaign and having clearly defined goals makes it a lot easier to set up a successful campaign. Learn more »

IT Support

Don't fall victim to hardware failure. With our proactive approach, we can identify IT issues before they occur.

It makes sense to have a scheduled maintenance instead of emergency maintenance.

With a simple maintenance plan, Core Digital can help prevent hardware & software failures before they occur.

Don't leave it until it's too late! Consider an IT maintenance plan with Core Digital. Let us keep your systems in tip-top condition. Get protected »